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I guess the first question you are asking yourself is:

     "What is this place in cyberspace and why the @#%$! am I here?"

Well, here are a few points to ponder...

  This web site showcases the cartoons and artistic talent of a man known to all as TOAD. He can make you laugh, he can make you cry, he can make you say "What a jerk!" I bet you don't know too many amphibians that can make that claim!

   You are here because you are a BIG fan of cartoon art that's a little different. Art that has a flair for the eccentric AND a clear view of the obvious.

Now that you are itchin' to find out what makes this man in a toad's body tick, READ ON! Browse through his cartoons, laugh, cry, scream "Oh, MY GOD!" Let your emotions fly as you travel through "The Mind of TOAD". Oh, and don't forget to buckle your mental seatbelt.

ALL Toad Toons are UPDATED MONTHLY so stop by again next month!

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Toad invites you to view his YOUTUBE video presenting his services as Cowboy Actor and Humorist
showcasing his characters Evil Tom McGinnis and the Reverend Obadiah Poole.
Click the image below to play the YOUTUBE video in a new window.

Toad invites you to visit the film www.one-eyedhorse.com as he played the role of a Cowboy. Toads are VERY versatile!

Toad is appearing at these events, so check these links out for a rip-roarin good time:

Steam into History Aboard the Northern Central Railway

Outlaws and Peacemakers

Walkersville Southern Railroad

The James Younger Gang

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