Can TOAD Really do Cool Stuff For Me?

Of course he can! He doesn't spend ALL of his time under a rock!

Toad can do anything. Well, nearly anything. Okay, next to nothing. But, Toad does next to nothing better than just about anybody.

Cartoons on any subject, Toad can do that. Cartoons on no subject, Toad can do that, too. Political speeches, complete with rantings and ravings, hand waving, and mouth foaming, they are a Toad specialty. Provided there is no requirement to make sense. And in politics, that is never necessary. In fact, it is usually frowned upon.

Illustration, black and white or in color, Toad can do that.

Other stuff, Toad can do that. However, for matters of a sexual nature, your mother has to sign a permission slip before any serious contact can be initiated.

So the next time you have an Office Party, Birthday Bash, Coming Out Celebration, or you just want to tell that "Someone Special" that you actually hate their guts, show them that YOU CARE with Personalized Artwork from Toad.

Like to publish one of TOAD's copyrighted cartoon masterpieces in your publication, magazine, or newsletter? TOAD's rates are always reasonable.

So CALL TODAY! (Or click here) Operators are standing by.  Well, actually its just an answering machine. And, I hope TOAD remembered to turn it on this time.

(Well, if he didn't, just yell out the window. He's probably sitting on that big mossy rock in your backyard waiting to catch that damn cricket that's been keeping you awake.)

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